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Continental CHMF200

Hybrid & Wood Furnaces

A Hybrid furnace is a dual or multi- configured furnace to operate on more than one fuel. Continental’s Hybrid CHMF100 is a double configuration to burn primarily as a wood furnace with a second thermostat to switch and run off electricity when wood burns out. The Hybrid CHMF150 is a triple fuel combination furnace to burn wood, oil or electricity. Both furnaces operate with extremely high efficiency and are one of the cleanest and most efficient combination solid fuel burning furnaces on the market. This is achieved through advanced combustion systems. It executes a secondary burn cycle to not only burn and generate energy from the wood but it burns wood gasses that are mixed at a precise ratio of temperature and oxygen. This causes an extremely clean burn. Along with solid construction and automatic combustion control a Hybrid furnace will give you years of safe and trouble free performance.

Continental C97 Gas Furnace

Gas Furnaces

The central heating function of your home needs to be safe and reliable and provide years of comfort and performance for your family. Continental® offers the best in the industry with superior engineering, advanced technology and a passion for customer satisfaction. Our entire Gas Furnace line, the C95 and C96 Series boast impressive high efficiency with 95% and 96% AFUE. The Vortex™ Turbulator inside the Heat Exchanger further increases efficiency by disrupting the natural air flow and extracts the maximum heat from the flue gasses. In addition, the EnerSave ECM-electronically commutated motor reduces electrical consumption by up to 80% over conventional blower motors, saving you a noticeable amount on your electric bill. Both series are the shortest on the market, come in two cabinet width sizes, are zero clearance to combustibles and feature four configurations for versatile, convenient and easy installations.

Air Conditioners

Napoleon 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioners

A lot of your free time is spent inside your home and we at Continental want to make it a comfortable and worry free haven. To keep your home feeling refreshed we begin with maintaining the right temperature, providing cool relief on the hot, humid days and restore a balanced and comfortable retreat. Our Central Air Conditioners are constructed with a painted galvanized full metal jacket to withstand environmental wear so they last and last. It is high efficient with a 14.5 SEER Rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), is environmentally friendly supported by a chlorine-free next generation R410A refrigerant and is Energy Star Rated. We’ve built it for Whisper Quiet operation to keep you feeling comfortable and refreshed without hearing it operate. An indoor heat pump model that directs a powerful hot air flow to the lowest area of every room and maintains a high efficiency mode offers year round heating and cooling for a balanced environment in any season.